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rad3® BULLITT BasisBox X (lang)

Our BasicBox is designed to carry your dog or your bigger purchases.
Inspired by a big player and adapted to the BULLITT. The box is manufactured in Leipzig and made of water-resistant ply wood, 6 and 9 mm thick, respectively.

ATTENTION, in comparison to the kids box there is no backrest, seat belts and cushion!
Side with door is optional and not included here.

The box is easy to strip down: Just release the belt, take off the side boards - and now you can transport your fridge layed across the platform. To insert or to remove the back plate is as easy: open the belt, get the plate in or out, feed the belt through the slits as needed, fasten it tight, and your are ready to go.

ATTENTION: Current lead time app. 4-6 weeks!

562.50 € 562.5 EUR 625.00 € VAT Included

625.00 € VAT Included

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